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I came in during my first pregnancy in 1996. Before chiropractic I suffered from constant sinus problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other minor issues. I was told that i needed to wear orthopedic inserts in my shoes. Since recieving chiropractic care i have not had 1 sinus problem, very rare bowel problems and I never got the orthopedic inserts for my shoes. I have taken both of my children since birth whom are now ages 9&10. Both are exceptionally healthy after being adjusted they are healthy, happy and productive. When a misalignment occurs with my children their moods and attitudes change drastically for the negative. I always know when they need to get "THE POWER TURNED BACK ON."


The clinic is a warm and welcoming place, after traveling over 3 hours striaght to visit my sister and brother-in-law, I experienced stiffness and pain in my lower back and legs, so severe it affected my ability to go shopping (in my family, thats a sign somethings wrong). I called and got in with Dr. Brown right away. Everyone there was so nice and sympathized with my situation. My wait was minimal and my relief was instant!


I had extreme stiffness of my back, neck & knees. This had severly limited my physical exertion efforts. This frequently caused difficulties with my activities. My health both physically and emotionally has improved dramatically. I am now again able to rotate head/neck areas to see oncoming traffic at angled intersections while driving my car. Also my ability to move parcels and furniture around my house/garage has improved greatly.

- Anna Marie